It’s our pleasure to welcome you to Sacred Heart Institute of Education and Professional Library.  The library seeks to promote the vision and mission of the College by providing timely access to quality Library services and a wide array of relevant information resources in a variety of media to meet the learning, training and research needs of the Sacred community.

Our Library offers excellent internet connectivity and efficient online access to its rich e-resources and digital content through an advanced set of information and communication technology-based facilities.

The Library’s patrons have a wide variety of access routes to conduct expert research and retrieve relevant resources. 

The Library is automated and networked to ease access to available information resources and services. It is structured into five major customer-focused sections namely: Circulation Services, Reference Services, ICT Section, Serials Section, and Technical Processing. Library structure and service points are deliberately positioned in a convenient, learner-friendly environment.

Our library staff are pleased to offer their expertise in answering your inquiries about any library-related issues. 

We look forward to serving you and welcome your comments and suggestions.


To provide access to information materials through acquiring, managing and linking information resources both physical and virtual in order to be a solution for all university academic, teaching and research needs in line with International library standards.


To provide comprehensive information resources and service in support of academic, teaching and research needs.  

To fulfill this mission, the library commits to the following objectives:

  • Understand the academic, teaching and research needs for users.
  • Build a collection and create tools to support academic, teaching and research needs.
  • Incorporate up-to-date information technology to be able to cater for ever changing user's needs.
  • Regularly train staff to keep them abreast with everyday changes in the information world.
  • Collaborate with members of the university to enrich research and learning.
  • Conduct regular audits to ensure print and electronic materials are matching with users’ needs due to changing information and technology.
  • To ensure there is proper conservation and preservation of information materials.


In line with the Mission and the vision of S.H.U.L it will be committed to the following core values: 

  • Services: The library will be committed to providing a suitable conducive environment to the S.H.U.L. users and community at large in order to support teaching, learning and research. 
  • Quality: S.H.U.L will provide the best information professionals that will help in acquisition and provision of the most relevant information resources to its users.
  • Integrity:  S.H.U.L will aim at acting with honesty, fairness and professionalism in its provision of services to all users.
  • Opportunity: S.H.U.L will adapt to flexibility and creativity to be able to adapt to the latest technology developments in order to keep up with the changing needs of users.
  • Communication: S.H.U.L staff will aim at having good communication skills that will aid efficient response to enquiries.