Principal's Message

Thank you for visiting Sacred Heart Institute of Education and Professional Studies, one of the leading TVET Institutions in Kenya. Our Institute has and continues to develop our learners’ professional, educational, religious, and social lives and thus making them better citizens and nation builders.

Our able staff work as one big family towards the fulfillment of all stakeholders’ dreams. We recognize that we are a society with interdependent relationships, which is the reason why partnership, tolerance, consultation, and unity-seeking culture are at the center of our operations.

Our success has been built on small gains which overall, translates to big wins. We encourage our stakeholders to always try and put their foot forward regardless of how small their steps can be perceived.


Life always presents learning lessons no matter the place, time, or age. The Covid 19 pandemic has taught us that we must always find new ways of moving forward. We often welcome change and always consider new ways of meeting our goals.

Ms Rose Muchiri - Principal

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